Mission Statement

Discreet Defense and Survival offers education to the public to meet their goal of preparedness and self-empowerment through course participation on survival basics.

Discreet Defense and Survival Instructors-

Bill and Ruth are both NRA certified Instructors and NRA Range Safety Officers.

Available Courses

• Refuse To Be A Victim •

• Basic Pistol •

• Personal Protection In the Home •

• Personal Protection Outside the Home •

• Home Firearm Safety Course •

CCW Course and Recertification*

Discreet Defense and Survival instructors teach the required Conceal Carry Weapon course to certify students for their CCW permit request and recertification for renewal plus firearm qualification. Both Instructors are certified and listed with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

                       *This is not a NRA course.



Don’t be a target...